On November 1st 1943, the inhabitants of the small village of Imber on Salisbury Plain were served with an eviction notice, giving them 47 days to leave their homes. The village was to be used for street fighting practice by American troops, in preparation for the D-Day Landings. Although Imber's residents were told that they could return to the village within 6 months, and despite repeated protest, the village stayed in MOD hands, and its residents were never allowed to return. 

Now for a few days a year, members of the public are permitted to visit the village. It's a strange sight. Visitors drive along a road lined with signs warning of the danger of unexploded ordinances, should they stray onto the grass. Wrecked tanks, now used for target practice, litter the hillside. Although the village church remains, most of the original buildings are gone, replaced with 1970s block construction shells. 

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